Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Drop Target Omnibus Kickstarter Video WIP

Click to enlarge!
Jon and I have been working on the video for our Drop Target Omnibus Kickstarter, which will hopefully launch on November 1st!  We'll post more info about it here on our blog, but in the meantime, mark your calendars and tell your pinball friends!!!

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Drop Target Omnibus Covers!

Here are the covers (not yet 100% completed!) for the forthcoming Drop Target Omnibus.

Look for a Kickstarter campaign to fund the initial printing of this book in late October / early November!

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Drop Target Omnibus Spine!

Jon and I got the first proof back of the forthcoming Drop Target Omnibus!  It currently weighs in at 536 pages!  It'll reprint all seven issues and collect 100+ pages of new content.

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Monday, March 27, 2017

Jon Chad: Professional Pinball Artist!

When Jon and I first decided to start a pinball zine, one of the first ideas that we agreed had to be in the zine was our own "Dream Machines."  We each drew a dream machine for every issue of Drop Target.  For me, these were incredibly difficult drawings and I had to base all of my designs on pre-existing pinball machines, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to figure out how things worked.

Jon, on the other hand, seemed to knock out dream machines with ease, drawing his much smaller and more quickly than I could, and with far more inventive uses of the pinball medium.  Jon is one of those cartoonists who has a strong, unique style that is instantly recognizable and he can draw anything.  He is in a league all his own.

It therefore came as no surprise to me, that Jon recently crossed the line from dreams into reality, when he drew the actual art for a real pinball machine, The Jetsons, which will be released soon by Spooky Pinball.  Below are some photos of the game, which were released recently.  JON DREW ALL OF THAT STUFF!

I guess dreams really do come true!  ;)  Below is a gameplay video that went up on YouTube recently.  I can't wait to play this thing someday, and see all of that gorgeous art up close.  I am so proud of Jon.

Jon is going to draw a comic about his experience creating the art for this real pinball machine, which will be included in the DROP TARGET OMNIBUS book, which should be out later this year.  But more on that later.....

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Medieval Madness Sound Problems!

Last week, while playing a game of Medieval Madness, the sound suddenly shut off while gameplay continued.  Then the initial "BONG!" sound effect from when you turn on the machine went off and then the sound and music came back on VERY LOUD (the default setting of 4 or 5? I have it set to 1 since it's in my kitchen).

The loud sound continued through the rest of the ball, but after tho bonus was tallied and ball two was placed into the shooter lane, the sound reset to its normal levels (??!).  On ball two the same thing happened, only this time there was no music when it was really loud, only sound effects.

I've done a few more tests and it seems like this happens when I start a part of the game with new music (Royal Madness, Castle Multiball, etc.)  On my latest test, I pushed through to ball 3 and the whole machine reset itself (GULP!)

I opened up the backbox and checked out the A/V board (if you can't tell - I don't know anything about this stuff) nothing looked visibly burned, all the fuses were OK, the LED was blinking the way its supposed to (according to the manual) so I'm not sure what's going on.

If anyone has any suggestions on what to check or anything to try, I would greatly appreciate it, thanks!