Thursday, January 27, 2011

PAPA video tutorials

Oh man, my friend Ryan sent me this awesome video tutorial of Medieval Madness.  It's a great explanation of the game, and "Bowen" is obviously a world class player!  He also does a great job narrating, explaining each move as he executes it.  It's also just a really great camera set-up, directly over the board.

I'm not sure why it's taken me this long to start reading the Tilt Warning Blog (where this tutorial was posted) but the blog is written by the people who run PAPA (Professional and Amateur  Pinball Association) and they have an ever expanding page of such tutorials.  Check them out!  I know these are really going to help me up my game when I come across these pins in the wild.


  1. You know, it's not that far from Vermont to Pittsburgh... and PAPA has more pinball machines than the Pinball Hall of Fame ;)

    Keep up the great work on the blog and DTZ.
    - Bowen

  2. Thanks Bowen! Maybe Jon and I will swing by this summer. :)