Sunday, August 7, 2011

Two Year Pinball Anniversary

For the last few weeks Jon and I have been teaching at the Center for Cartoon Studies Summer Workshops.  Today was supposed to be the workshop BBQ picnic, but it was rained out, so instead we hung out inside with the students.

As we were sitting around chatting this afternoon, it occurred to me that it was the EXACT SAME circumstances which drove Jon and me into the (now closed) pool hall across the street from the school, two years ago.  And it was there that we saw the Star Wars: Episode I pinball 2000 machine, which we became totally obsessed with.

It's hard to believe it's only been two years!  Since then we've become fairly good pinball players, we each own a pinball machine and have both learned a lot about fixing them up.  We also put out two issues of Drop Target.

Speaking of which, we are both rocking and rolling on issue three which should be out for SPX in mid-September.  Jon's already knocked out a big stack of pages and we're both working on Dream Machines and some of the spot illustrations.  It's exciting to be putting together a new issue.  It promises to be a good one!

Until then, good luck to everyone who will be playing in the PAPA Pinball World Championships next weekend!

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