Thursday, February 28, 2013

Revisited Illustration 5: Tilt Sensor

Uh oh, might be time for some hard, honest, truth-telling.  When I drew this illustration for the first issue of DTZ, I was just beginning my relationship with pinball.  Drawing the various components for the glossary, and the research I needed to do, was my first time actually understanding how some of these *seemingly* complicated mechanisms worked.  The tilt sensor is one where I don't think I got it right...
I don't think that the bar that holds the tilt bob is supposed to be the part that sets off the mechanism?  Someone help me here?  Did I totally beef this?!

Oh my gawsh, you guys!  DTZ5 construction week is coming up!  I'm going to try and post while Alec and I are frantically assembling these little bundles of pinball love, but no promises!


  1. You did fine... that's just a VERY loose tilt setting illustrated. If you move the weight up into the space in the ring, you'll require less movement of the machine to create a "connection" since there's less gap between the ring and weight.

  2. Phew! Thanks Jay! My fear of mechanical inaccuracy was recently triggered when I tried to fix an egg timer and realized I fundamentally don't understand how timers, and by extension clocks, work.