Monday, April 8, 2013


This was a Dream Machine that I posted on the Stern Blog a couple months ago.  I have been on an obsessive kick with cocktail pinball tables.  I see this as an obvious solution to not enough private pinball owners.  There are a lot of pinball enthusiasts who, like me, rent an apartment.  Space is a premium.  Not only does a cocktail pinball table take up less space, but it doubles as a piece of (level) furniture that every apartment needs.  So, when I thought about drawing up a cocktail pinball table, the first thing I thought of, was, "what would be the most AWKWARD-themed pinball machine to have to show a date when they came over for the first time?"  My answer was, "crime/mugging/robbery".  It turned out to be a pretty rad table, but it is a little too creepy!

 Whoa whoa whoa!  Let's get our stories straight!  That is a mug of ROOT BEER on the machine!  ROOT BEER!

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