Tuesday, April 23, 2013

PAPA Livestream Kickstarter

Faithful pinballers, I cannot...CANNOT stress how exciting a time this is for pinball!  PAPA, the Professional Amateur Pinball Association has started a kickstarter to raise money for livestreaming equipment.  They tested this model of live pinball broadcast for their recent Pinburgh tournament and it was an out-of-control success!  So much fun!  Now, it has been one day...I repeat...ONE DAY since they started the kickstarter, and they have already hit their $20,000 goal.  YOU SHOULD STILL CONTRIBUTE!  The more money they get, the more programming they'll be able to add such as pinball repair videos, interviews, etc.  If you donate at the $50 level, you get a t-shirt by me, but there are a lot of really cool incentives out there!  Do it for pinball!  CONTRIBUTE HERE

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