Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Safecracker tokens

My comics pal Andy Jewett sent me this awesome photo of some Safecracker tokens he found in the bottom of his change jar.  Andy was lucky enough to have one of these machines in a lounge back during his college days.  I know that cartoonist Evan Dorkin has at least one of these as well...

"In Pinball We Trust" - I love it!  The idea of having a bunch of custom tokens that were rewards for reaching certain goals is so cool.  I love the idea of having a physical reward that you can show other pinball players, to prove that you beat a game, or got to a wizard mode.  I wonder if anyone collected all 20 tokens...


  1. I have all 20 but I got a number of them trading doubles with friends. We had to go into Manhattan to play it and between the machines being hard to beat, often suffering minor breaks and not being successful (there was a lot of problems over the perception that winning the tokens constituted gambling) it was hard to get them all by playing. The tokens themselves are boss. There's one "silver" token and 19 regular "gold" designs. When the machines were new there was a rumor was there was a token based on the band KISS. No idea how that got started but we heard it from a few people. You could exchange a token for a beer at 7B, but no one I knew did that, tokens were precious. Great pin, wish I could find one to play now.

  2. WHOA... Can you send us a photo, Evan? I'd love to see them all together. What a collection!