Monday, May 27, 2013

I love robots!

So, it was a normal day in ole Jon Chad land, and I thought that I would make a pinball playfield based on giant robots.  No specific genre or anything like that...just ROBOTS!  I tried coloring the playfield with colored pencils, which turned out to be a HUGE debacle:
So, it wasn't ONE WEEK after I finished this that I got my first glimpse of the trailer for Pacific Rim!  "What's that", I hear you cry.  Oh, nothing much, just the BEST MOVIE THAT WAS EVER MADE FROM MY WILDEST DREAMS.  Allow me, gentle reader, to educate you:

If there is a pinball god in PinHeaven, there NEEDS to be a machine made after this movie!


  1. Pinball really does need some giant robot and kaiju action, doesn't it?
    I'd love it if there were a pin based on this:

  2. Yes it does! Giant Robo is one of my favorite giant robot franchises. As much as I love the live action, I am OBSESSED with the anime: