Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Drop Target issue two, second printing... sort of!

Well, it's official, the first printing of Drop Target #2 has SOLD OUT!  We will no longer make any more of the "version 1.0" books, which have white screenprinted ink on the orange cover stock, and a full-color 8.5" x 14" fold out center spread.  If you missed this issue, you still might be able to track down a copy from Portland Button Works or Pioneers Press.

Jon had some extra orange paper left over, so we will be offering a "version 1.5" which is basically the second printing with orange paper.  That means no screenprinting, a grayscale 8.5" x 11" center spread and a $4 cover price.  There are about twenty copies of these, and then we will go to a full-on "version 2.0" which will have white cover paper (similar to the second printing of DTZ #1).

Thanks everyone for scooping up these zines.  It's exciting to think that 400 copies are out there in the world being read and passed around.  We still have two more issues planned (#6 and #7) and then once all the first printings of all the issues sell out we will make a book collecting all the issues.  Onwards!

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