Thursday, July 18, 2013

Feedback Issue 12 review of DTZ Issue 3

I always have a big stack of minicomics and zines that I need to read.  Some arrive in the mail and others I pick up at various comics shows around the country.  Recently I was working my way through the stack when I came across Feedback #12 by John Isaacson.

I've known John for a long time now through the zine scene and I have a bunch of different comics and zines by him.  Feedback is a great review zine.  Each spread is a review of a concert that John goes to - the left page is the flyer for the show and the right page is a page of comics.   In the back he also reviews records and zines, which is where I found John's review of Drop Target #3:

 Even better, in one of his review comics he plays some pinball, inspired by reading our zine!  This is what we're all about!!!

You can order a copy of Feedback #12 and all kinds of other cool stuff on John's site.

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