Friday, July 19, 2013

John John's - Seattle, WA

I took a quick trip home to Seattle over the 4th of July weekend to see my family.  I was literally there for about 96 hours, so I didn't think I was going to have time for pinball on this trip.

One night after dinner though, my Dad was driving back to Capitol Hill to drop my sister back at her apartment when we went by this storefront window and my internal pinball alarm went CRAAAAZY:

To my astonishment, my father then pulled over right in front of this place, which he had planned all along.  The place is called John John's and they had a pretty nice selection of machines, including Star Wars: Episode 1 (no, I didn't beat it).

My sister and my mom were basically sitting around waiting for us, so my dad and I played a game of Medieval Madness (with a color DMD!) because he has some experience on that table.  I had a little trouble during multiball, getting three balls into the catapult, but the guy behind the counter took the glass off and fixed everything for me (without ending my multiball - props!)

There was a balcony upstairs, so I dashed up there to get this photo (there was also a Harlem Globetrotters machine way back in the corner).  The Hulk version of the Avengers machine was priced at 50 cents, so I played a quick game and got a replay, but had to leave it for the next guy (everyone was waiting for me).

It was super cool of my Dad to look this place up for me.  Next time I'm in Seattle, I will definitely spend some more time in here!  If you live in the area, check it out.

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