Wednesday, June 18, 2014

PAPA Visit Part 1

As I've posted several times here, I've been collaborating with PAPA to do various shirts, posters, and tokens for some of their events over the past two years.  I've really valued the chance to participate, in however small a way, to the amazing events that are going on at PAPA HQ.  

Last April, I went with my buds, and amazing artists SophieJoshCarl, and Joyana to Pittsburgh, PA while they looked at the city as a potential place to move to.  (Spoiler, they're moving there!  Get ready for an injection of awesome, Pittsburgh!!)  It was a really great trip for me, and I too fell in love with Pittsburgh.  Unfortunately, the trip occurred ONE WEEK before the Pinburgh Championship, so I wouldn't be able to see one of the great pinball tournaments of the US.  I decided to shoot an email over to Mark Steinman to see if I could get into the facility.  I am so grateful that PAPA wizard Elizabeth Cromwell took the time out of her day to show me around!  Here are some of the photos that I took on the initial lap that Elizabeth took me around on.

 <- The main competition block at the front of the facility.  LOOK AT THOSE MASSIVE BANNERS!  Each feature some amazing pinball art from classic machines like Creature from the Black Lagoon.

I can only imagine what the facility would be like when all the machines are turned on, and full of players!
 <- To the right of the entrance is an eating area.  This also includes all of the non-pinball machines in PAPA HQ.  This area also included all of the Zaccaria machines that PAPA had, which is something I've reserved for another post.
 <- JOUST.  That is all : )
 <- Freak Out, a custom machine by Mike Budai.  There were a couple of other different custom machines, but this one was my favorite.
 <- Competition banks.  During a tournament, groups of four players will play a group of four machines.  Depending on well they do on each machine will determine how many points they get at the end of the round.  The banks are sometimes thematically grouped, but always include a machine from each era of pinball (EM, SS, etc)
 <- I included this one because you can see more competition banks, but you can also see that Creature banner <3

Also, the colors on that Black Jack machine in the foreground are breathtaking!
 <- Elizabeth Cromwell shows off the machine that they use to huff pinball machines around the facility.  There are over 400 machines in the space, with more offsite in storage.  Also, Surf n' Safari?  One of the things that was continually blowing my mind about this visit was how every other machine was something I'd never heard of before.  From the Zaccaria machines to obscure Bally machines, this facility is a treasure trove of rare gems.
<- Yeah, there's a lot of machine!  A.  LOT.

I'm looking through the photos right now, and I;m realizing that there are a lot more to show/talk about.  I'm going to break this up over two weeks!

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