Sunday, October 10, 2010


I know that this is pretty much impossible, but, hey, A GUY CAN DREAM, right?!  Speaking of quarters / coins / etc, I've noticed that they've been issuing new pennies.  Also, I've seen new nickles and new silver dollars.  I don't get what's up with this nearly perpetual reissuing of our different units of currency.  It makes me wonder how coin doors even work.  Is it based on the size and weight of the coin inserted?  It seems like American and Canadian quarters must weigh the same but somehow the coin door knows that they're not legit.  It's crazy...

Also, I'm probably not revealing hot, breaking news with this one, but THIS is super-duper cool!

This is the Visible Pinball machine that Micheal Schiess built.  It seems like it would be super-duper distracting to play, because I'd be looking underneath the playfield and back box too much!  I heard it was at PPE4 this year!  Just another reason I have to get out to the west coast to play!

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