Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pinball on The Road

This October I have been on the road A LOT.  At the beginning of the month, I had to drive from Vermont down to Connecticut to pick up my friend Aaron.  On the way back, we found this Lord of the Rings machine at a gas station in upstate New York.  It was well maintained and played like a dream.  We put in two dollars for 5 games, and on the last game I got a replay, which we left on the machine for the next road warrior who passed through.  

Later that same week, Jon and I drove down to Boston to pick up his Jurassic Park pin, which he mentioned in his last post.  I got my Medieval Madness machine in Boston too, so the trip felt very familiar.  Same car, same guys, heck, we even stopped at the same sandwich place on the way home.  I've got to say, there is something very special about driving home with a pinball machine in the back of your car.  I think that's about as close as you can get to living the American dream.

Lastly, Claire and I just drove cross country (from San Francisco back to Vermont).  The only pinball machine we saw on the road was a Pirates of the Caribbean at an Ohio Turnpike travel center.  All these rest stops are built with the same layout, so I can only hope that there is a pinball machine at every stop in Ohio!  We made it safely back home to Vermont, and when we arrived I found that "Foggy" (my Medieval Madness machine) had a new friend!

Lastly, This morning Jon and I received an email from AJ over at Syndicate Product, who wrote the first review of Drop Target #1.  Good news, she liked it!  

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