Friday, December 31, 2010



HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!!  Does everybody have a good New Year Resolution?  Does it involve PINBALL?!  I used to think that New Year Resolutions were a joke and a half, but a couple of years ago I made one and totally stuck to it.  It's doable.  My big pinball plan for 2011 is to finish shopping out my Jurassic Park machine and have it ready to trade / sell / show at the new pinball festival in Pennsylvania.  Also, Alec and I plan to have another issue of DTZ out sometime in the spring.  Keep your wrist-radios tuned to this channel, pinballers!
In somewhat related news, yours truely is going to be going to Las Vegas in a week and a half (!?!)  My girlfriend and I decided to go on a trip as a x-mas gift to each other and Las Vegas is:

a) Warmer than Vermont
b) A criminally cheep trip

Also, it's no secret that the Pinball Hall of Fame is located in Las Vegas!  Needless to say, I CAN'T WAIT. 

I have some REALLY killer pinball illos I've done lines up for the next couple weeks!  Be forewarned, though, some of them are WEIRD.

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