Monday, February 7, 2011

Another Successful Pinball Night... and a new high score!

Every week here at CCS, Steve Bissette hosts a movie night, where he shows some of the rare gems from his film collection to any of the students who want to swing by.  Last week Jon and I kicked off the movie night by showing Pinball 101.  Then Steve showed a few dinosaur themed movies, to celebrate Jon's repair of his Jurassic Park machine.  Afterwards, we put the machines on free play, for people to try out some new moves.

Jon and I weren't sure what time the movies would wrap up, so we met at the pinball machines at about 9:30pm.  We played and played, until about 11pm and then, just as we were about to give up, a whole BUNCH of people came and played for another hour.  Here's a shot of the action, two four-player games going strong!

The next day I went in to play my daily game (or two) of pinball, and I managed to beat my previous record of 210 Million on Medieval Madness, getting a new Grand Champion score, 8 castles, 6 peasants and 52 trolls!  I was also ONE SHOT away from completing Battle for the Kingdom!  All I had to do was shoot the castle one last time and that 50 Million would have been mine.  Oh well, next time!

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