Thursday, July 7, 2011

More pinball finds from the Quechee Antique Mall!

My old comics pal Liz Prince is in town for a few days, so Claire and I took her up to the Quechee Antique  Mall to look around.  Once again I found some pretty cool pinball stuff for sale!

First I spotted two bagatelle-type games, where you send a marble up a simple playfield with pins and wires and little indentations which redirect or capture the ball.  First was "Kick-Back" and the second was "Trik-E-Shot."  Both had really great looking designs:

Next up was a Smoky backbox, inexplicably detached from the rest of the machine.  It would have been cool to see the whole thing.  I think this was going for like $200?

Lastly was an Atomic Pinball, which was recently reviewed by Classic Game Room (that's a link to a video where you can see this tiny pinball machine in action)

I didn't buy any of these items, but it was just cool seeing them mixed in with all the other artifacts.  It seems like there is a pinball collector in this area, who keeps putting items from their collection up for sale.

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