Monday, May 14, 2012

Fulfilling Drop Target Orders!

Thanks to everyone who ordered a copy of the brand new Drop Target #4.  I have been busy this weekend filling orders, which are now zipping their way all over the country, thanks to the United States Postal Service.  It was also exciting to see some international orders from France, Belgium, Norway, and the U.K.

Keep your eyes on those mailboxes - there are zines on the way!


  1. I just received issue #4 & the back issues, and I just wanted to say what a great zine you guys are putting out!! I really love the great artwork, especially the comic-book style journal of your pinball journey. I'll be sure to pick up all future issues...
    Also, in your "Video Mode" section, have you guys considered reviewing any video pinball games, like the amazing
    They've even setup a kickstarter to license Bally's Twilight Zone- check it out:

    Sorry, I hope you don't think this is just a spam post. Nothing is better than real pinball, of course, but inbetween reading Drop Targe issues, playing virtual versions of Williams tables on xbox360 and iPad is great, especially when you've got a 2 month old baby at home.

  2. Thanks for the comment, we're glad you are enjoying the zine! I think we've got enough pinball movies for the "video mode" section, so that we won't have to review video games. As you said, nothing is better than real pinball! So that's what we're trying to focus on.