Thursday, May 24, 2012

Pinball in the Wild: Part 1 - NYC

I recently spent a week in the Bay Area, where I played a lot of pinball.  I have a couple of posts lined up about my adventures, but before I dive into them, I feel like I should back up... all the way to New York City!

As mentioned on this blog, Jon and I took a trip to NYC a few weeks ago for the MoCCA Arts Fest (where we debuted DTZ #4!).  A few things had changed about the New York pinball scene since our last trip:

1) Fratelli's Pizza Joint is CLOSED.  This was really heart breaking!  I only got to play there a few times last year but all the machines worked well and there were a lot of them!  Williamsburg still has the Satellite Lounge and a couple of other machines scattered about, but this place was the best of them.  It will be missed!

2) Reciprocal Skateboards and Pinball has EXPANDED!  They rented out the place next door, so now one half is skateboards (as you walk in) and the other half is all pinball, all the time.  Jon has about ten machines in there, and they all work great.

The best part of that whole trip to New York was after the show on Saturday, when I took Claire and my friends to Reciprocal to play pinball, only to find that Jon Chad had taken all of his friends there to play pinball.  I shouted "Well look who it is!" and then many multi-player games were started.  Good times!

Okay, my next post will jump back to the West Coast for a review of the Santa Cruz boardwalk!

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