Saturday, June 30, 2012

Belgium Bound!

Oh man, have you read Jon's latest post on the Stern blog yet?  I'm so jealous that he got to do a factory tour!  He gave me the COMPLETE (2+ hour) rundown of his whole trip, and it sounded pretty amazing.  He had his tape recorder with him, so get pumped, because we have A LOT of awesome content for the next couple of issues of Drop Target Zine!

Chapter 4: Penciled Page 4 - 4.45% done

Tomorrow I'm heading to Belgium to visit our old pal Max!  Readers of Drop Target Zine will remember Max from his many appearances in From Zeros to Heroes, his "Zine King" center spread from DTZ #3 and some of the cool posts he shared with us about his Dad's 1935 Par Golf and his Carcassonne Pinball Adventure.  Fear not, Dear Readers, I will keep an eye out for pinball machines during my travels, and have a write-up prepared about the European Pinball Scene upon my return!

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