Monday, March 18, 2013

Mmmmm, architecture....

As I've mentioned a butt-billion times on this blog, I work at the Center for Cartoon Studies, and I LOVE IT!  Next week is our Spring Break, and I can tell that our wide-eyed, bushy-tailed cartoonists desperately need some time off!  When I think of spring break, I think of beaches, sun, etc.  I thought I would take a u-turn from that line of thinking, and share a photo of some pinball-themed gingerbread houses I made last December!  That will chill you to the bone!  Ha ha!

Also, in related pinball news, this article/comic about pinball came across my digital desk the other day.  It's a great piece by Greg Stump that shows off some classic machines and some classic pinhalls!  What I REALLY admire here is how Greg draws pinball machines.  I worry that sometimes I draw them TOO exactly and take all the magic out of them.  To the people that love pinball, those machines aren't just a weird-shaped box of wood with mechanics inside; they're magical pieces of art.  I should take a page from the Greg Stump book!

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