Monday, April 1, 2013

PAPA Pinburgh Poster

Phew, my "p" key really got a workout from that title!  A couple of weeks ago I posted about the shirt I did for PAPA back in August.  Not this weekend, but NEXT weekend PAPA will be holding the official kick-off to their championship circuit with Pinburgh 2013!  Super exciting!  I'm beyond luck to have had the chance to work with these guys for a while.  I love art, I love pinball, and working on these posters, shirts, etc. has made me a very happy Chad!  Here is the poster that I did for Pinburgh!  After the tournament I'll show off some other stuff I did ;)

Since the time I did this poster, there are (over?) 400 players registered, and OVER $60,000 in prizes!?!  I went to Pinferno 7 in NYC last January, and was COMPLETELY overwhelmed.  I can't even imagine what a 400 player match-play tournament is like!

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