Friday, April 19, 2013

PAPA Pinburgh Shirt

As promised, here's an image of the shirt I did from Pinburgh 2013!  Mark Steinman, the cool cat that I've been working with on these projects, was really taken with the gnomes-running-a-pinball-machine-motif, so we tried to make that a unifying theme with the various projects.  The little guys are pretty cute, and really grew on me.  The one on the poster with the eyepatch is too cute for words!

Even though I used to work as a screen-printer, making shirts, and I TEACH screen-printing at the Center for Cartoon Studies, I always have a hard time narrowing down my color palettes!  This is four colors printed on a red shirt, and even narrowing it down to four was haaaaaaaaarrrrrrrd.


  1. Love your pinball art. Do you mind if I print some of it off and pin it to my walls in my home gameroom?

  2. The images we post on this site are all set for web resolution (72 dpi) and will look very pixelated when printed out. Obviously, we can't stop you from printing them out, but we don't recommend it!