Friday, April 5, 2013

Pinball Violence: Benoit Brisefer

Our Belgian pinball correspondant, Max de Radiguès sent us yet another example of pinball violence.  He writes:
I stumbled on this page in a old Benoit Brisefer comics.It's a comic by Peyo, the guy who did the smurfs...

What is it about throwing people into pinball machines?  Is it just that this sort of thing is usually going down at a bar, and of the many things in a bar to be smashed, a pinball machine is the best prop?  I like to think it causes the most visceral reaction from the reader/viewer not only because you can imagine the pain of being thrown into all that glass and wood and metal, but also because it's an instant bummer to know that there would be one less pinball machine in the world, and that bar would instantly be that much lamer.  Or who knows, maybe it's just so storytellers can use the "TILT" gag.

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