Tuesday, May 14, 2013

High Score: Skyline Burgers - Portland, OR

On my recent trip to Portland, Oregon I got three high scores.  The first one was arguably some of the most fun I've ever had playing pinball.  

I was hanging out with my buddy Greg and we were killing time while our friend Liz was getting a tattoo in NE Portland.  Across the street from the tattoo parlor was a restaurant called Skyline Burgers, and because it's PORTLAND, they have three pinball machines in the back: Batman (Stern, 2008), Pirates of the Caribbean and WHO Dunnit.

Greg and I had played maybe three games of WHO Dunnit between the two of us in our entire lives, so we were coming to the game with fresh eyes.  To me, this is when pinball is at its most fun.  We played a number of games and were pointing things out to eachother as we learned them.  "Hit this shot when the phone is ringing" or "The jackpot is over here" etc. etc.

This game had a really neat feature which I had never seen before.  When you put in your money you could either select "beginner" which gave you two minutes of play with an unlimited ball saver or "advanced" which had regular three ball play.  Greg and I played a two player game of "beginner" which really helped us get to know the machine, and then we fired up a two player game of "advanced".

Again, I entered some sort of wormhole in reality, and I was hitting everything I needed to, and saving anything that looked like it was going out.  I locked in on the shots and eventually made it all the way through the wizard mode.  When I got to the victory lap, I really cleaned up, ending with 7.4 billion points, which was the #1 score.  

This was especially rewarding because ALL of the other high scores were by one person - NMM (I think?) So I was imagining this person coming in to play the next day and going "What?!  Who is ABL???"  This is why high scores are fun - you have to defend your turf!  

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