Friday, May 31, 2013


Good news, Dear Readers!  For various reasons, I finally broke down and bought an iPhone.  This means a few things for this blog:  1) I now have the Pinball Map app installed and will therefore be able to check out a lot more pinball machines when I am out and about walking around in the world.  2) I will be able to take better photos!  Here is a test photo that I took with the new phone, to give you some idea of the magnitude of this improvement:

This is a test!

Nice, right?  Of course, we'll have to see how it does in low light, but I still bet it'll be a thousand times better than my old LG.  Sorry for all those years of crappy cell phone photos!  

In closing, I'll just say that I was pleased to find "Pinball" listed as one of the default ringtones pre-loaded on the iPhone.  I wonder who the pinball fan is at Apple?  Also, it must be really hard to tell who's phone is ringing at big pinball events like PAPA or Pinburgh!  ;)


  1. Check out the Zen Pinball app! Really good 3D tables/physics:

  2. or you can even play Medieval Madness on your phone using The Pinball Arcade app. Even if the screen is a bit small for long period playing, the instructions are great for learning the rule sets...

  3. I've been using Pinball Arcade on the iPad to learn the rulesets on some games. It's great for that! I'm not really into playing so much though.... I can't get over the delayed flipper timing.