Monday, January 27, 2014

Short Run 2013

This year the Short Run small press festival in Seattle was held the weekend after Thanksgiving.  That worked out great for me, because I grew up in Seattle and my parents still live there.  My Mom hosted a huge Thanksgiving feast (21 people!) and then that weekend I went to the festival.

While there, I ran into the folks who put out the excellent Skill Shot pinball zine!

There are not a lot of people putting out pinball zines these days, so in solidarity, we did a mega-trade: every issue of Drop Target for every issue of Skill Shot!  These guys also do a really cool lighter-of-the-month-club, where they print up stickers that fit exactly onto a Bic lighter.  They actually used one of Jon's drawing on one of these stickers recently:

As a reminder, the first 66 people to order a set of Drop Target buttons, will get one of these stickers for free!

While I was in Seattle, I also swung by Shorty's to play some pinball, because, how could I not?!

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