Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Europe Pinball Recap: Part 2

After signing books all weekend in Angoulême, we headed out of town on Monday.  We packed up all our stuff and hiked down to the train station.

Suddenly, my "pinball sense" was tingling!  A Shrek machine in the window of the train station!  HUZZAH!

We had about 15 minutes before our train was scheduled to depart so all my friends hit the café to get some coffee and I plunked a Euro into the machine and started to play.  On my first game I got a replay!  Then on my second game I got another replay!  When that game ended I got a match.  I had TWO credits on the machine, but we had to go catch our train.  You're welcome, whoever played this game after me!

NEXT UP: Flipper in the City of Light!

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  1. So excited to play pinball you forgot to take off your backpack?!