Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Europe Pinball Recap: Part 3

On this trip to Europe I was traveling with Charles Forsman.  After Angoulême Chuck and I headed up to Paris to do a few book signings and while there we stayed with our publisher's intern, Matthias.  On our first night in Paris, Matthias cracked open which is basically the of France.  He found a café/bar that had a Monster Bash and an Attack From Mars.       Here they are through the window:

I played one game on each.  The flippers were super weak on ATM, like to the point where you couldn't get the ball over the left ramp, so we decided to focus our efforts on Monster Bash, which was in pretty good shape.

It's always kind of a trip playing a machine overseas and seeing all the French in the DMD and stuff.  Both of these had a warning in red tape that said "Interdit aux moins de 16 ans non accompagnes de leurs parents" or "kids under 16 years must be accompanied by a parent"  - REALLY???  This was weird, I never saw this on any other machines...  Maybe it's just a rule at that bar?

We started playing but weren't having much luck.  We kept getting some pretty brutal drains and spirits were sort of low.  I refused to leave without getting a replay though!  We soldiered on...

It was also crazy seeing all of the different permits that were required to have this thing on location.  Four different slips of official looking paper were crammed under the glass.

Eventually my persistence paid off!  I was able to get a few monsters going and then started multiball and eventually made it to Monster Bash (though not with all the instruments).  Anyway here you can see my 134M, which was enough to get a replay.  I'm glad we didn't leave without showing this machine what-for!

NEXT UP: Rocking out in Brussels!

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