Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Europe Pinball Recap: Part 4

For the last leg of my trip in Europe I went up to Brussels in Belgium to do a few signings with Joe Lambert and Charles Forsman.  At one point we were wandering around downtown, seeing the sights before our signing and I steered us to a café where I had played pinball before.  The Tron machine was gone and they now had an ACDC:

It was pretty funny, this young couple was cuddled up RIGHT next to the pinball machine (you can see a bit of them on the left in the photo below) and they jumped about a FOOT when I got a replay and the machine chirped.  

Max reminded me that last time I was in Belgium we found out about a guy that had a big private collection.  I should have thought ahead and emailed him to see if we could have met up with him, but this was already a whirlwind trip, so I'm not sure we would have had time for it anyway.  Oh well, I'm still glad I got to squeeze in a few games of pinball while I was overseas!

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