Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Drop Target at Heroes Con!!

Hey faithful pinballers!  Just a quick update to let you all know that I will be attending Heroes Con this weekend in Charlotte, NC!  Wahoo!  It'll be my first time at this particular show, and I'm really excited to get a good mix of Indy comics and mainstream comics.  In addition, I'll be brining a tone of DTZ and pinball goodies!  "What sort of goodies?" I hear you cry...

DTZ Issues!

I will have some of the first printing of DTZ issues 2, 3, 4, and 5, and some second printings of issues 1 and 4.  These are the new versions of the second printing that Alec posted about.

Pinball Stickers!

I had the absolute joy to work on a sticker for the Lighter of the Month Club, run by mastermind Jeff Larson (who also runs the amazing Seattle-based pinball zine, Skill Shot).  Every year, he likes to do a pinball-themed sticker, and I was happy to oblige : ) I got a bunch of these stickers in exchange for doing the art, and I'll be including them with pretty much everything!

PAPA Shirts

As some of you out there in the Pinball Universe might know, I am going to be moving from my lovely HQ in White River Junction, VT to the wonderful Northampton, MA!  The next two items that I am selling is in support of trying to lessen the amount of material I have to move.  First up is a handful of shirts that I did for various PAPA events.

Pinball Art

Team, let's take knee, 'cause it's time to get real.  I've been drawing pinball art for, like, 5 years now, and I have quite a backlog.  Some of the pieces are near and dear to my heart, but some of it I don't have as much of a connection to.  I'll be bringing a bunch of my pinball art to Heroes Con, but I'll be selling a bunch more after.  If there is some piece of Jon Chad pinball art that you like, shoot me an email!

Phew!  Anyway, that's it.  If you find yourself in Charlotte, NC, come on by Heroes Con and say hey :)  Also, tune in tomorrow to the DTZ blog where I start a multi-week look at my visit to PAPA headquarters!

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