Friday, June 13, 2014

Full Tilt Ice Cream - Seattle, WA

Back in April I passed through Seattle for Emerald City Comic Con.  I went out to dinner with my family in the Columbia City neighborhood and then afterwards they took me to Full Tilt Ice Cream.  Their front sign says it all: Fresh Ice Cream / Old School Arcade!

They had a great lineup of machines, as you can see here:

I felt a bit pressed for time (family waiting) so I just played a two-player game of Creature From the Black Lagoon with my father (neither of us could get the multiball) and then I played a solo game of Jurassic Park.  The "A" switch was not working, making it impossible to start modes, so it was kind of a fruitless game, but I was happy to add another great locations to my list of Seattle pinhalls.  I will definitely play here again!

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