Thursday, July 23, 2015

DTZ Shirts at ReplayFX

Some of you might not know this about me, but before I started working at the Center for Cartoon Studies and drawing comics, I worked as a shirt printer.  Since I left the shop, I've dabbled with it a couple times, but I've always wanted to do a real run of shirts, even if they were simple.

I made 2 DTZ shirts a couple years ago; one for me, and one for Alec.  In preparation for ReplayFX (7/30 - 8/2 in Pittsburgh, PA.  You're going, right?), I wanted to do a run of DTZ shirts.  The design is simple but I really like the red-on-white look.

I have probably about 60 of these shirts in various sizes that I'm selling for $10 each.  I am willing to take reservations for shirts for those of you that want to make sure you get one in your size at ReplayFX.  The sizes go from S - XXL.  Shoot me an email at  If you're not coming to ReplayFX:
a) you really should think of coming! 
b) after the show, I'll sell the remaining shirts via email.

Show your DTZ and pinball love!


  1. Can we order the new issue yet? Can't wait!

  2. They are en route to Alec as we speak! I would wager that they would be available next week : )