Monday, November 8, 2010


As we all know, Alec has a Medieval Madness machine and I have a Jurassic Park machine.  When Alec came with me to come get my machine, I drew this for him as a present.  Here's a colored version. 

Out of all the awesome stuff on Medieval Madness, my favorite is probably the trolls.  I love everything about them; how they announce themselves, the dot matrix animations, their voices, etc.  We even went so far as to name the trolls (because, as far as we know, they don't have names...).  The one on the left is named Herman, and the one on the right is named Pee Wee.  Ha ha, get it?  The best part is that Pee Wee is kinda a wuss and if you even hit him from behind, he'll count it as a hit sometimes.

The really magical thing about the trolls is thinking about the what the ball represents, in this case.  I've heard this question come up again and again when talking about certain game: "What is the ball supposed to represent?  Is the player the ball?"  On games that have distinct narratives, it's easy to try and project oneself onto the ball.  Overall on a game, that can get confusing.  I try to think of it, mode to mode, what am I trying to achieve, and what is the ball representing at that moment, or geez...WHUTEVAH.

I love to think about how you're this knight in Medieval Madness and you're:
a) tossing iron balls into the face of a troll
b) punching a troll in the face

Both of which are ideal situations.

Also, these pictures are AWESOME:

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