Monday, January 21, 2013

Pinball is in Everything I Draw!

It's like that Wu Tang song, except with pinball!  As you all know, Alec and I just aren't completely radical, pinball playing kings among men, we're also both accomplished cartoonists!  For my part, ever since I got into pinball, I've been finding a lot of pinball popping up in my published work for children. I've taken some zoomed-in screenshots of the pinball sightings I could fine.  Truth be told, I'll probably find more.

This is page from a book of mine slated to be published in September 2013!  You faithful DTZ readers are getting a little sneak peak now!  The name of the book is Leo Geo and the Cosmic Crisis.  Somewhere in the deep reaches of space, Leo's brother, Matt Data, finds a herd of wild pinball machines and a pinball constellation.

This is zoom up of my submission to the Cartoon Crier, which was a wonderful, oversized anthology about crying that I was asked to be a part of.  Specifically, I was asked to do a factual science piece about the biology of crying.  In it, my main character Ben Bio is wandering through a lab while explaining crying.  Apparently, there is a pinball mezzanine hidden in the lab : )

Lastly, I have a close up of a page of 2012's Leo Geo.  It's pretty ironic that the flipper in this page is buried underground.  It's ancient!  This is the first instance of me putting pinball into non-DTZ projects.  It's nice to unearth this evidence of how ba-zonkers in love I am with pinball!

Well, I can't imagine that I'm just going to STOP putting pinball references in my work, so I'm sure we'll get to sit down and have this talk again!


  1. I too absolutely love pinball just as much as I love cartoons. Now we just need to get both of you guys to do some artwork on real pinball tables! Truth be told, I'd appreciate some of the newer Stern tables soo much more if they didn't look all Photoshop collaged together... Gary, George, if you're listening out there, get these guys to do some art on your next table!!!

    1. Thanks Kelly! Doing playfield artwork would be a dream come true! We'll have to be satisfied with doing dream machines in the meantime!