Monday, February 4, 2013

Pinball break at the Fizzmont Institute

Hello, as you all know, my day job is teaching at the Center for Cartoon Studies, and working on staff as their lab tech.  On the side, though, I also work at the highly esteemed Fizmont Institute of Rad Science.  There, I work as a Junior Director in the Department of Visual Histography, in the Auxiliary Imaging Division.  Phew, that might seem like a mouthful, but the boys down in the Polysylabic Confidence Wing assure me that it's nothing to be afraid of!  One of my jobs is to record, in images and words, some of the amazing experiments that go on at the Fizzmont Institute.  I am also in charge of keeping track of archived visual materials.  Take this for example.  I found this photo in a bin that was heading for the incinerator, and I just HAD to keep it.
Here, we can see Dr. Leo Geo, and Dr. Matt Data playing some pinball in the Applied Physics Department.  Man, those two scientists on the right look confused.  I can only assume that Leo must be putting some hawt body english on that machine.  Speaking of...what is that machine?  Is it a "living things getting hit by lightning"-themed machine?  Someone should follow up on that.

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