Thursday, March 5, 2015

BAPA Tokens

One of the things that I used to love about working at a screen-printing shop, is that you never knew what you were going to be printing on.  You could be doing shirts one day, hockey pucks the next.  It was a great feeling to create so many different objects that human beings use in such wildly different ways.  These day, mostly, I work on books, and objects that are printed on paper, in one form or another.

One exception is the (almost sculptural) minicomic work I've done for BOOM! Studios, and the tokens that I've done for PAPA and BAPA (the Bay Area Pinball Association).  I really enjoyed working on this design, and although I get nervous when something I do, mistakes and all, are literally CAST IN METAL, I think it came out great!

There is something REALLY cool about designing tokens! It makes me feel a connection to the old arcades of old and makes me think of the places I used to haunt, and the machines I used to play.  See the tokens put a smile on my face!

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