Monday, May 16, 2011

Drop Target in the Multinomah Public Library System!

People of Portland, Oregon!  I am happy to announce that Drop Target is now available in your public libraries!  A representative from the Multinomah Public Library system swung by Stumptown back in April and bought some copies of the zines for the library.  This means you can now check out the zines for FREE, using your library card!  I think that is so cool.

Sorry things have been a little quite around here.  Last week Jon and I were on the thesis review committees here at CCS and then it was graduation this weekend.  For graduation day, I set Medieval Madness on FREE PLAY for all the graduates and their families.  Here's a photo of CCS graduate Beth Hetland playing pinball with her sister and father.

Well, fear not Dear Readers!  Jon and I have a big pinball field trip planned for tomorrow and we will report back afterwards with a recap.  Happy flipping out there!


  1. hahha! Awesome, pinball family!!

    Thanks for the freeplays alec! They had a blast, and my dad ended the weekend by crushing me with a 57mil game!!

  2. Congratulations on being library'd and keep up the great work. DTZ is awesome. Hope we get to meet you guys sometime, either at an event in New England or at one of the PAPA tournaments.

    Take care! (And your Avatar game is way better than the real one.)

  3. Thanks Bowen! We'll make it down there one of these days, I'm sure. Keep up the great work.