Thursday, April 21, 2011

PDX = Pinball Paradise

I just returned from a week in Portland, Oregon where I played A LOT of pinball.

On Friday, I played a quick game of World Cup Soccer at the Backspace Cafe.  Then Claire, Greg and I hit up Ground Kontrol which was back in its freshly fixed-up space.  They had the usual vast array of games, but I only had eyes for their new Star Wars: Episode 1 pin2k machine, which had a WORKING lightsaber (the first I have ever seen in one of these machines!)  It also had the only REAL, non-robot Jedi Spirit score I have ever seen entered.  "By whom" you ask?  CFF of course.  Sadly, the center gate was stuck up, so it accepted EVERY center shot, instead of rebuffing most of them.  Other than that, the thing was in great condition and I played it for about an hour.  Right before we had to go, I played my best game ever of Attack From Mars (7,425,044,200 and I blew up all the different saucers for each city!)

Ground Kontrol was getting set up for the PDX Pinbrawl which was on Sunday.  They had set aside certain machines so that tournament players could get warmed up and get to know the machines.  Sadly, I missed all of these festivities because I was stuck at the Stumptown Comics festival all weekend.  Oh well!  I sold some copies of Drop Target #1 and #2 and talked pinball with CFF member Drew Anderson.  You can see an interview we did at the show on YouTube, in which we talk about comics and pinball and all kinds of other stuff.

Saturday night I ended up at Voodoo Donuts 2, where I played Creature from the Black Lagoon, Game Show and Elvira.  I'm telling you, every square corner of every Portland business is packed with pinball!  On Sunday we met up with my old friends Gabe and Grizzo, who took us to the Good Foot bar, which had Medieval Madness AND Jurassic Park (!!?!) as well as the Data East Star Wars game.

Monday we all went to Slabtown which ALSO had a Star Wars: Episode 1 machine!  I couldn't help but think that maybe Drop Target #1 has helped to make this a more popular machine.  Anyway, I had a blast playing it and Medieval Madness which were both in great shape.

On Tuesday we made one more run to Ground Kontrol, and this time I played all kinds of machines, getting replays on T2 and Indiana Jones (Williams).  Good times!  Thanks Portland.

I'm going to run to the post office tomorrow to figure out the shipping costs for DTZ #2 and then I will put it online (hopefully by the end of the weekend) for ordering!

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