Thursday, March 29, 2012


One of my secret pleasures is that I LOOOOOVE trashy reality tv shows and game shows about FOOD.  So, naturally, I tuned in via Hulu last year for the season of Hell's Kitchen.  Watching the wrinkled, orange, yelling mess that is Chef Ramsey parade around and tell people that their food is crap for an hour always help keep things in perspective.  The 2011 season of Hell's Kitchen had an opening designed around a pinball machine.  It's pretty surreal.

I think this machine suffers from the same fault as the Gorfinator pinball machine from that issue of Robin that I took scans from (LINK); it falls into that "uncanny valley" of pinball machine design.  Obviously, the animators for the above sequence knew the the basics about a pinball machine. 

"Uh, it's got flippers?  And bumpers?  There's two buttons on the side where you have to fast-paws slap it around?"

It definitely reads as "pinball machine" but there's just it.

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