Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Concours de flipper LEVEL 4

So, I know that this might not be the most logical way to start off a pinball blog post, but I LOVE Feiyue shoes.  You can get a pair of the black or white classics on Amazon for 15 bucks.  Just do it.  They are unbelievably comfortable and super classy.  I was explaining the history behind the brand and why I love them so much to a friend today and she had NO IDEA what I was talking about, so I went home and punched up the website so I could send her the link.  When I loaded the page, THIS was staring me in the face:

You gotta be kidding me!  There's no way that any of my interests this far flung should ever be in the same orbit!  The same SOLAR SYSTEM!  Let's be clear, I DO NOT care about fashion.  This is the only, and I mean THE ONLY, thing about fashion that I care about.  So go figure, the ONLY thing fashion related that I'm into is also related to pinball.  THIS IS A SIGN FROM THE UNIVERSE!  I must be doing SOMETHING right!

From what I can tell, this is the 4th time that they've held this pinball mini-tournament.  The only pins included are two modified Gottlieb Street Fighter II machines.  One has been re-themed as an astronaut game called Flying Forward (which is also the motto of the brand).  The other has been re-themed as a horror game called Attack of the Werewolf (the backglass has an awesome throwback to Haunted House!)

I'm hard-pressed to find out more info about the machines or the event since everything I've found is in French : (    From what I've seen, though, the machines look SUPER SLICK, and it looks like a TON of people attend these events.  I can't get over how cool this is!  Can more of my interests start intersecting with pinball?!?  Biking + pinball?  Comics + pinbal... oh wait!  That's what we're doing!


  1. Man, what an awesome promotional move! I wish more companies would create custom machines and then use them to hold tournaments promoting their brands. Hopefully some Nike ad exec will read this... :P

  2. Weird photoshop on that first image. Where are their legs?

    I don't know anything about those shoes. But those pins look cool.

    Also, Skittles recently made a custom machine (a re-skinned Flash). Did you see that?

  3. Ha ha, I didn't even notice their legs. It's pretty ironic actually... because they could have been wearing THE SHOES! I definitely didn't see the Skittles machine: Weird!

  4. Just FYI: the Flying Forward one is for sale on french classifieds, in northern France. (1200 euros, not cheap for a SF2...)