Friday, December 14, 2012

Indiana Jones Glamour Shot

Sorry, dear readers, this post is not going to turn out like you'd hope.  Unfortunately I don't have a DTZ exclusive glamour shot of Indiana Jones.  Instead, I have a sketch of the Williams Indiana Jones pinball machine that Alec and I LOOOOOOOVE, that I colored.  Unfortunately, the closest copy of IJ that I have access to is down in Pelham, NH.  Just ANOTHER reason why pinball wizard is the best!
Gosh darn it, guys, I LOVE DRAWING PINBALL MACHINES!  Quick poll: what do people think of the pistol-type plunger for IJ?  Or even in general?


  1. You should do another one of the custom IJ cabinet at Disneyland. Have you seen that one yet?

  2. WHOA! I hadn't seen that cabinet! Thanks Kelly! We should all be dolling up our pins' legs!