Thursday, January 19, 2012

Fresh from the DTZ Mailbag

One of the best things about being part of a passionate community like pinball is that if you show the love, sometimes, the love is shown back.  Every now and then Alec and I will get something cool in the mail from someone who just likes what we're doing.  It genuinely touches our hearts.  One time, we got a SUPER DUPER tiny papercraft pinball machine.  Super cute.  Recently, Alec and I got a DVD in the mail from all-around good guy Dave Marston.  It was issue 7 of a video zine (!?!).  I had never heard of a video zine, but it made sense.  Little did I know that I was in for a treat.

The movie was split into two sections; snowboarding and pinball.  Snowboarding, sure, cool, but PINBALL!  YEAH!  The pinball section was a half-hour long and was comprised of music videos made with footage that the creators took of their own personal outings and tournaments they attended.  The videos sort of sum up the various events without showing every single flip and every single drain.  It was pretty cool.

One of the music videos started with these three guys placing their hands on a fish statue.  They all shake as if overcome with the pinball spirit.  Next thing you know, these guys are setting up a Fish Tales machine in the middle of the woods and plugging it into a generator.  Get it!?  Gone fishing!?  HA HA!

Pinballers will recognize a lot of the players featured.  Keith Elwin, Rick Stetta, Lyman Sheets, Josh Sharp, etc etc.  Again, though, this video zine is ALL music videos, so non of them talk.  The only exception to this is a short flipper skills instructional segment, which was well-done.

This video zine is clearly far on the peripheral of pinball-dom, because I couldn't find a SINGLE screencap on the internet.  I did find their website!  Give it a whirl.

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