Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Yet Another Quechee Antique Mall pinball find

I've seen old backboxes and electronic mini-pinball machines at the Quechee Antique Mall before, which lead me to believe that there is an old pinball enthusiast, who owns one of the booths.  This suspicion was once again confirmed on my last visit, when I saw this beautiful old bagatelle-type board, from 1890 (!?!)

This summer, a small arcade opened up at one end of the Antique Mall's parking lot.  There were a few old arcade games and that 1991 Data East Star Trek machine.  But it was busted.  Perhaps the same person who is selling these cool pinball items is also trying to set up the arcade?  If they could get it working, I know two gentlemen who would definitely go use the machines!  ;)

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