Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Don Rosa plays pinball!

As some of you know, I am a HUGE Don Rosa fan.  His comics were some of my favorites, when I was growing up.

Today on The Comics Reporter, Tom Spurgeon posted links to a series of four videos of Mr. Rosa giving a tour of his house and all the various collections that it houses.  I was very surprised when, about 6 minutes and 15 seconds into part two of the tour, when Mr. Rosa reveals that he collects old pinball machines!  We even get a look at his working Flash Gordon (Bally, 1980) pin:

Then, in part 3, about 5 minutes in, he says that he's been trying to buy a Shadow (Midway, 1994) machine.  There's something about comics and pinball, I'm telling you!  We'll have to try and get some copies of Drop Target to Mr. Rosa, one of the greatest living cartoonists in the world.


  1. Surprisingly Don only began collecting pin tables within the past couple of months thanks to a local pinball expo that made him aware of the great games of the 1990s.

    --Dan Shane--

  2. Yeah, I just got a great email from Don, with a list of his current games. Sounds like he is already building up a nice collection!

  3. What? I began a few months ago? I was collecting Pinball Machines in the mid-late 70's! I had a STRIKE ZONE and an AIRBORNE AVENGER. I still have the AA, a VERY rare wide-body Atari (!) machine, only 350 ever made, and it's now being restored. I had one other that I forget after 30+ years.
    In my second pinball collecting stage, I still have the AA, but now I already have a LORD OF THE RINGS, CREATURE FROM THE BLACK LAGOON. 1984 EL DORADO (with a Carl Barks style treasure hunt theme), and a SHADOW. Before I slow down I need a BACK TO THE FUTURE, INDIANA JONES, ROCKY AND BULLWINKLE and maybe one or two others. Then I can relax!
    Don Rosa

  4. Oh! Yes! And the excellent FLASH GORDON that is mentioned above!
    Don Rosa!

  5. You heard it here folks! If anyone in or around Kentucky has any leads on Back to the Future, Indiana Jones or Rocky and Bullwinkle, let us know and we can put you in touch with Mr. Rosa!