Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New DTZ Readers and Their Pin-blogs!

Another cool aspect of our recent spike in Drop Target orders, is getting to know some of our new readers!  I thought I'd share two of their sites with you all.

First up is Tyler Hollback, who recently started the Pindiana blog, in which he will be documenting machines on location in the midwest.  So if you live in that part of the country, check it out to find where some pins are located "in the wild."  It also looks like Tyler will be talking about repairs on a few pins that he owns.  Good stuff!

Second, from Portland, Oregon, is Paul Nama, who has a small site where he has been documenting a few pinball machines that he has built himself!  Above, you can see one of the coolest things he has done, which is to project the playfield art onto a blank playfield surface.  This allows him to change the graphics at will, incorporate animation, etc.  It's kind of like Pinball 2000 taken to the extreme!  (Pinball 2011?)  Anyway, check out the rest of his site to see his process.  It's pretty cool stuff!

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