Tuesday, June 7, 2011

rec.games.pinball = THE BEST!!!

Oh man, most of you pinballers probably already know about rec.games.pinball but just in case you DON'T, Jon and I can tell you how awesome it is.  We are both still on a big "Repair Rampage" right now, fixing up our machines, and in the last week we have both used this valuable resource to help out with our endeavors.

rec.games.pinball is a usenet group (which is like an online bulletin board system, which was developed at the end of the 1970s). This one is devoted to pinball, and there are a LOT of users on there!  Jon and I have been using the Google Groups version of the group, and it is extremely easy to use.  It's basically works the same way as Gmail, and is fully searchable, with entries going all the way back to 1990.  It is a vast repository of pinball knowledge!

Jon posted a question about getting a scan of some JP plastics and got a response within an hour.  I posted about some mid-playfield G.I. problems that have been plaguing my machine for the past few months and got some expert advice almost instantaneously.

It really seems like the main gathering place for the pinball community.  As I said at the start, most of you probably already know this!  But just in case you don't (as we didn't) I thought I'd put up this post.  I've also added a link in the "PINBALL RESOURCES" sidebar of this blog for easy access in the future!

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