Thursday, February 2, 2012

Insider Photos

No I know that that title makes it seem like I've stumbled across secret photos that show Steve Ritchie and George Gomez literally using MAGIC to make pinball machine, but sadly, no, they're just a really tasteful collection of photos that were shared to us by comics prof, and all-around nice guy Isaac Cates (Isaac has been doing a really great series on mythical animals on his site HERE).  These photos show the inside of the Stern pinball factory in a way that I've never seen it before: 90% devoid of people.  Normally, when I've seen photos or videos from inside the factory, it is a blur of hustle and bustle.  That's not to say that the images make it look abandoned, it's just nice to focus more on the machines and tools used to make the pinball machines than the hard workers.  You can view the photos HERE

I also stumbled upon THIS the other day.  Please put rubber bands around your shoes before you watch this, because I will NOT field complaints about socks being blown off!


  1. I can't say I completely understand the ruleset, but man, this opens up so many opportunities to experiment with point-scoring. ...and SIMULTANEOUS PLAY(!??!) SOOO COOL!!! Thanks for sharing, as I have not seen this video before your post.

    1. Hi everyone.
      That is my pinball in the video up there.
      Lots of modifications were necessary to the three Jungle Games taken for making this game without talking about cutting the cabinets.
      The game has auto shoot and shooter rods are automaticly blocked while game play.
      Ball is automaticly shot to right oponent's playfield but can be flipped in your playfield if you're fast enough to do so.
      Upper PF flippers that are controled are the ones facing each player, so that each player can bring the ball or balls back to his playfield.
      Lots more modifications but I don't have time now.
      Got to go.