Monday, February 20, 2012

Karl's Grandfather's Homemade Bagatelle Board

After I wrote about the antique mall bagatelle board I saw, my buddy Karl emailed me some photos of a homemade bagatelle board that his grandfather made.  Karl writes:
We used a rounded off wooden dowel (which has gone missing, but a drumstick works fine) to push the balls up the thing, and then gravity took them where they went. The finesse was all in how much oomph you put into your initial push.  Pretty simple! 
The hardest one was the 150 hole right below the second to bottom center ring area. The 125 ring at the bottom was almost as hard to get. Actually the scoring was pretty random as you can see haha.

I think this would be a super fun project to build one day.  It's amazing to think what has been created from such humble beginnings as these, eh?

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