Thursday, November 22, 2012

Meesa Back!

Oh my god, I TOTALLY forgot that this image exists.  This is from my Star Wars Episode 1 Pinball walkthough (Williams, '99) from DTZ issue 1.  This image doens't get nearly the amount of traction that it deserves.  On this, Thanksgiving day, the most thankful of holidays, let us ALL remember the great motto of that saint incarnate, Jar Jar Binks:
Verily, my friends, truer words have never been spoken.  You CANNOT talk about SWE1 pinball without talking about Jar Jar.  He is covering that game like my aunt's famous cranberry sauce.  This Jar Jar giveth...etc. line was a joke that Alec and I came up with in frustration at Jar Jar and SWE1 pinball, but it has become our de facto go-to line whenever we catch a bad break in pinball.  You know the feeling; you get the ball in a scoop that awards an extra ball, only to have the ball be IMMEDIATELY hurtled straight down between the flippers!  Just take a moment to breathe and be thankful that we are living in a world with pinball.  And, you know what, I know you're thankful for having seen this today.

You're welcome.

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